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                    Welcome to Cambodia & Khmer Ways


Based in Siem Reap, home of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor, Khmer Ways was set up to give visitors the opportunity to experience and explore what lies beyond the ancient temples and the bustling town. From stunning scenery and majestic but lesser known temples, to rural villages with friendly people, there remains a lot to be discovered.


We take our clients to places where tourists rarely go and where they can enjoy rural Cambodia as it is. Away from the major tourist attractions, our customers will get the exclusive feeling of a unique experience by visiting remote places. Khmer Ways chose to travel to those places on Honda Dream Motos, as it allows us to take hidden and unknown backroads and to fully blend in into rural Cambodia.


To ensure the best experience, Khmer Ways offers unique all-inclusive tours and high safety standards by giving appropriate training, and starting the tours outside town where traffic is light. It is also possible to ride pilion on the back of the motos. If you are interested in something different and want to discover the real Cambodia, take a look at our wide range of different tours.



Khmer Ways wishes you a pleasant and exciting stay in Cambodia.